Bank Statement

Bank Statement Loans.

Flexible mortgage loans for business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent contractors.
A mortgage loan that does not fit into the traditional mold.

It can be very difficult for those who are self-employed or work in the service or tip industry to secure a mortgage loan. Lenders usually require pay stubs or tax returns as proof of income, but if you don’t have those documents, it can be next to impossible to get approved for a loan. That’s where Agora Lending’s Bank Statement Loan program comes in.

With this program, we use your personal and/or business bank statements from the last 12-24 months to calculate your income. As long as you meet our criteria, you can get a competitively-priced mortgage loan without having to show any other documentation. 

So if you’re self-employed and looking for a mortgage loan, don’t let the lack of traditional documentation stop you from applying. Our Bank Statement Loan program could be the perfect solution to get you into your dream home. 

We’ll be happy to help you find a loan that fits your unique needs. 

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