Keeping Rates Competitive


How do we keep our rates
so competitive?
It’s simple. We use our technology to keep operational costs as low as possible – less than half of other lenders’, to be exact. It may not

look like much on the surface...but you’ll see the benefits through a faster and more affordable process.

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Transforming the Lending Process from the Inside Out


We eliminate inefficiencies.
By applying the same thinking to the mortgage industry as Henry Ford has to the automotive industry nearly a century ago, Agora Lending succeeded in creating a mortgage “assembly line” to streamline your loan process.

We own the entire lending process end-to-end.
This lets us drive down costs by eliminating middlemen. In addition, since our process is purely online and we don’t have a network of brick-and-mortar buildings to maintain, our overhead is that much lower than our competitors’.

We automate manual, repetitive back-end tasks.
While much of our competition focuses on front-facing, consumer technology that’s pretty to look at, it proves useless for your bottom line. That’s why we decided to focus instead on automating the foundational, back-end elements of the loan origination process. And while it’s harder to show how it works on the surface, it becomes evident through a faster and more affordable lending experience.