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We’ve simplified the process and created tools to make your life easier, so you have time for what matters most in this world: family!

First-Time Homebuyer Guide

At Agora Lending, we strive to take special care of our first-time homebuyers because we understand that buying your first home can be overwhelming.

The Home Buying Process

You want to make sure you’re making the smartest financial decisions for your family – both now and in the future – and that you’re choosing the right property, at the right price and at the right time.

Tips for Investors

Whether you’re considering investing in real estate for the first time, or already happen to be a seasoned pro just looking to hone your skills, the following resources can offer some useful guidance.

What your Neighbors Are Saying About Us

Agora made the refinance process as simple as I could possibly imagine. I uploaded all of my docs through their website and received the best service. I didn’t even have to take time off from work to close. Perfect experience! Thank you so much!

Navi C. in Miami, FL

When I put my offer in on my home and inquired with 6 different lenders, Agora Lending was the least expensive. My loan officer was able to close my loan very quickly, with no issues whatsoever. We had a great experience and I will be using them again.

JP in Phoenix, AZ

Extremely professional and the refinance was at a lower rate than any other lender with less paperwork and hassle than I was expecting. I was actually very surprised at how easy and quickly it went.

Chris P. in Scottsdale, AZ

Great Service, Low Rates, any time any day availability for any questions. Tiffany Skinner and Aaron Liebreich worked very hard to close my mortgage in 28 days. Portal services to upload documents. Professional and carrying guidance. Helped me to get my dream house in the shortest possible time. Thank you very much!!!

George D. in Plano, TX