About Us

The Agora Difference

Inefficiency is complacency – plain and simple. This means being okay with things working poorly, as long as they’re working. Or sort of working. By allowing inefficiency to go unchallenged, and settling for less. By always doing more than should be needed to accomplish less than what’s possible.

Mortgage finance is a yesteryear industry, mired in the complexity of its own design. It applies machines when we need humans, and humans when we need machines. It is profoundly behind the times. So behind that it’s unable to meet the needs of a new class of qualified borrowers. And that is standing in the way of opportunity.

We don’t settle for less. We’re driven to simplify the complex and to bring backroom processes into the light. With our unique combination of domain and technology expertise, we have the right set of skills and talent to revolutionize the industry at its core.

And, we are just getting started. The entire system is ripe for a reboot, and we have accepted the challenge.

– The Agora Lending Team